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Edit any video in a style similar to VirtualDub




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Are you searching for a fast and accurate way to edit and cut your videos with no problems? Free Video Dub is what you need. This application is presented as an excellent video edition tool that will give you the possibility to cut all those minutes you don't want of any video.

The program supports most used formats: MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and even MPEG 4 AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG and FLV, including DivX and XviD. That means it will support any video you want to edit.

You only have to import the video you want to cut and choose the parts you want to eliminate or change its position. Once you have performed the changes you think necessary, you can preview the results and save it. It even allows us to save the video without having to re-encode it, so you'll be saving a great time and keeping the video quality.

During the installation, you'll be asked to install the Ask toolbar, but you can skip it.

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